Frequently Asked Questions

Is there nut oil in your popcorn?
We do have peanuts on our premises. There is always a margin of human error.
Is your product gluten free?
How long does it take for mail orders to arrive?
Orders usually ship out the following business day and it takes 5-7 business days to arrive at the destination, when located in the U.S.
Will the popcorn still be fresh when it arrives?
Yes. Our product will stay fresh for up to five months when sealed.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Please call for pricing.
Do you ship to APO's?
Yes. The cost is the same as domestic shipping.
Will you ship a refill?
No, it is against safety regulations.
How is your popcorn shipped?
We use UPS. Or USPS when shipping internationally, to an APO, or P.O. Box.
Can I expedite the shipping for my order?
Yes. Please call for timing and pricing.
Are you open year round?
Yes. Always feel free to contact our 14th Street locations at 1-800-842-2676.
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