Custom Orders

Johnson's Popcorn is the perfect gift for all occasions. We are a neutral gift for acquaintances and professional relationships. Personalized labels or containers, of any size, are available upon request. We can also add your company's logo or a personal theme to any of our items. Please call Becky at 609.432.1036 for more information.

Many of our customers give Johnson's Popcorn for the holidays, company parties, and other corporate functions. Our products can be shipped in bulk to your office, individually to your customers, or both!

Our rates and savings are:

$250 to $500 Save 3% on your total order
$501 to $100 Save 6% on your total order
$1001 to $1500 Save 8% on your total order
$1501 and above Save 10% on your total order

Corporate Discount does not apply on any party favor order.

Custom Orders